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The 6 Taekwon Do Tenets that the BUTF abide by:


Courtesy – Treat others with the respect that you expect to receive yourself. If you do treat other people with respect and courtesy and you will receive it in return. If you were rude to strangers what would they do to you? Be rude back? Yes, at the very least. If you are courteous to people what do you think they do in return? Isn’t life far simpler if we all get on and are not constantly at odds with one another. Courtesy and respect are the first steps towards this. Try it. Ask for something and watch the response. Try again and say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and see how people are far more helpful.

Integrity – Integrity is honesty, but not just with other people. More importantly integrity is more about being honest with yourself. For us this means that when we give a competition result then we know that it is truly the correct result. That when we say we are going to do something, we fulfil on our promise. Integrity is the ability to be truly honest, truthful and trustworthy without compromise.

Perseverance – This is one of the hardest of all tenets as this is the one that requires effort. Perseverance is about not giving up. When asked to do a task, do not fall at the first hurdle or put false impediments in the way. Perseverance is about doing everything within your power to achieve the desired result be it learning a new kick or breaking an old habit. Keep practicing until you get it right.

Self-Control – Where would we be without self-control? Self-Control affects many things that we do. But in the martial arts it is vital. What would happen in you had no control when practicing moves? Everyone in the class would get hurt and no-one would ever come again. Self-Control is about making sure you stay within the rules that life lays down to ensure that you remain healthy, happy and safe.

Indomitable Spirit – How can one person overcome many others? Because they have the will to win when the others do not. How can one person appear confident and trouble-free when others are worried and anxious? Indomitable Spirit is about having the courage of your convictions and having a desire to win. It is about not accepting failure. You can win and you will win. You have the confidence to win and become someone special so do it. That is indomitable spirit.

Humility – In an age where arrogance, conceit, narcissism, and over indulgence in being self-opinionated is the undercurrent that drives our society, the time to stop and reflect on the essence of the martial arts and what it is to be a true martial artist, is long overdue. The word ‘humble’ in the Collins New English Dictionary is interpreted as exhibiting a ‘modest and unpretentious demeanour’ and to be conscious of ones failings. As such, the true martial artist should allow the physical acts of their achievements to be the broadcaster and not the sound of their own pontificating voices, as appears to be in so many ever increasing cases.

As a reminder of the frailty of human character, the word ‘Humility’ is added on to the existing five Tenets thereby making them ‘Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, Indomitable Spirit, and Humility’.C.I.P.S.I.H.

If the Tenets can serve to develop further virtuous qualities in the fabric of a martial artist’s make-up, it is hoped that the word Humility will achieve prominence above all else.

Note: This sixth tenet was introduced by Grandmaster Raymond M. K. Choy IX  and is the culmination of his personal observations of the demeanour of the many ‘so called exponents’ of the martial arts that he has come across over the past 45 years that he has been involved in Taekwon Do.