Great Missenden and Penn Street School of Taekwon Do

Teaching ITF Taekwon Do to the Highest Standard
Great Missenden & Penn Street School of Taekwon Do


Welcome to the website of the Great Missenden  & Penn Street School of Taekwon Do, part of the British United Taekwon Do Federation (BUTF).

If you are new to martial arts, please do browse the website to learn more about the exciting discipline of Taekwon Do (TKD).  Whether you are a beginner or more experienced we look forward to seeing you at our classes.

Classes are run on Tuesday evenings at Curzon C of E Combined School and Thursday evenings at Great Missenden Memorial Centre.  We run a children and parent class from 6.30-8.00pm followed by an adult class which runs from 8.00-9.30pm.  For more details about classes, click here.

The art of Taekwon Do is focused upon self defence concurrent with development of self-control, physical ability and psychological strength.  From this comes a greater self belief which together with learning to live by the 6 Tenets (doctrines of belief) of Taekwon Do makes one a true practitioner of the art.